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§ 2.22 <br />Section 2.22: Domestic Partnership <br />Registration <br />Subdivision 1. Purpose <br />The Golden Valley City Council recognizes that the concept of familial relationships <br />may extend beyond traditional marital and blood relationships. This expanded <br />concept recognizes the relationship of two (2) non-married but committed adult <br />partners. In order to provide such persons the opportunity to declare themselves as <br />domestic partners, thus enabling employers to voluntarily provide equal treatment <br />in employment benefits for such partners and their dependents, the City Council <br />hereby enacts a Domestic Partner Registry. <br />Subdivision 2. Definitions <br />A. Domestic Partners. For the purpose of this Section, Domestic Partners are <br />two (2) adults who: <br />1. Are both at least eighteen (18) years of age; <br />2. Are not related by blood closer than permitted under marriage laws of the <br />state; <br />3. Are competent to enter into a contract; <br />4. Are jointly responsible for the necessities of life; <br />5. Are committed to one another to the same extent as married persons are <br />to each other, except for the traditional marital status and solemnities, or, <br />are married under another state or foreign jurisdiction not operational in <br />Minnesota under Minnesota Statute 517.03 (1)(b); <br />6. Have no other domestic partner with whom the household is shared, or <br />with whom the adult person has another domestic partnership or a spouse <br />regardless of household status; and <br />7. Reside in Golden Valley. <br />B. Domestic Partnership shall include: <br />1. Any domestic partnership currently registered with a government body <br />pursuant to state, local or other law authorizing such registration, or <br />2. Marriages that would be legally recognized as a contract of lawful <br />marriage in another local, state or foreign jurisdiction, but for the <br />operation of Minnesota law. <br />Go/den Valley City Code Page Y of 2 <br />