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§ 10.30 <br /> Section l0.30: Animal Control <br /> Subdivision 1. Definitions <br /> As used in this Section: <br /> A. Animal Control: means an agency of the state, county, municipality, or <br /> other governmental subdivision of the state which is responsible for animal <br /> control operations in a jurisdiction. <br /> 6. At Large: means ofF the premises of the Owner and not under the control of <br /> the Owner or other competent person, either by leash or otherwise. <br /> C. Dangerous Dog: means any Dog that <br /> 1. Has without provocation, inflicted Substantial Bodily Harm on a human <br /> being on public or private property; <br /> 2. Has killed a domestic animal without provocation while off the Owner's <br /> property; or <br /> 3. Has been found to be Potentially Dangerous, and after the Owner has <br /> been noticed that the Dog is Potentially Dangerous, the Dog aggressively <br /> bites, attacks, or endangers the safety of humans or domestic animals. <br /> D. Dog: means both the male and female of the canine species, commonly <br /> accepted as domesticated household pets. <br /> E. Great Bodily Harm: means bodily injury which creates a high probability of <br /> death, or which causes serious permanent disfigurement, or which causes a <br /> permanent or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily <br /> member or organ or other serious bodily harm. <br /> F. Maintenance Costs: means the cost of maintaining an impounded animal <br /> including but not limited to impounding fees, boarding fees and reasonable <br /> charges for medical treatment for said animal. The amount of fees shall be <br /> established by the City Council and adopted by Ordinance. <br /> G. Owner: means any person or persons, firm, corporation, organization, <br /> department, or association owning, possessing, harboring, keeping, having <br /> an interest in, or having care, custody or control of a Dog, except veterinary <br /> hospitals owned and operated under the provisions of the Veterinary Practice <br /> Act of the State of Minnesota and the Animal Humane Society. <br /> H. Potentially Dangerous Dog: means any Dog that <br /> 1. When unprovoked, inflicts harm or bites on a human or domestic animal <br /> Golden Valley City Code Page I of 15 <br />