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§ 10.40 <br /> Section lo.4o: Collection and Disposal of <br /> Garbage, Refuse, Yard Waste, and Recyclables <br /> Subdivision 1. Definitions <br /> The following terms, as used in this Section, shall have the meanings stated: <br /> Source: Ordinance No. 296, 2nd Series <br /> Effective Date: 5-28-04 <br /> A. Compost: A mixture of decayed organic matter. <br /> B. Composting: An above ground microbial process that converts yard waste <br /> to organic soil or mulch by decomposition of material through an aerobic <br /> process providing adequate oxygen and moisture. <br /> C. Container: means a container designed to hold either garbage, litter, refuse, <br /> yard waste, or recyclables. <br /> D. Garbage: means animal and vegetable wastes resulting from the handling, <br /> preparation, cooking and consumption of food. <br /> E. Hauler: means any person who shall offer to, or engage in the collection <br /> and/or transportation of garbage, refuse, yard waste or recycling from any <br /> house, apartment, public or private institution, or commercial establishment <br /> within the City, including all activities up to the time when the waste is <br /> delivered to a waste facility. <br /> F. Litter: means garbage, recyclables and refuse. <br /> G. Recyclables: means items of refuse designated by the Hennepin County <br /> Department of Environment and Energy to be part of an authorized recycling <br /> program and which are intended for processing and remanufacture or reuse. <br /> H. Refuse: means all wastes (except body wastes), including but not limited to <br /> rubbish, paper, cardboard, ashes, rocks and construction material, normally <br /> resulting from the operation of a household or business establishment, but <br /> not including garbage, recyclables or yard waste. <br /> I. Woody Yard Waste: Hedge or tree trimmings and twigs (1/4 inch diameter <br /> or greater) or Christmas trees which can be hauled to a commercial compost <br /> facility. <br /> Golden Valley City Code Page 1 of 6 <br />