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§ 11.21 <br /> Section 11.21: <br /> Single Family Zoning District (R-1) <br /> Subdivision 1. Purpose <br /> The purpose of the R-1 Zoning District is to provide for single-family, detached <br /> dwelling units at a low density along with directly related and complementary uses. <br /> Subdivision 2. District Established <br /> Properties shall be established within the R-1 Zoning District in the manner <br /> provided for in Section 11.90, Subdivision 3 of this Chapter, and when thus <br /> established shall be incorporated in this Section 11.21, Subdivision 2 by an <br /> ordinance which makes cross-reference to this section 11.21 and which shall <br /> become a part hereof and of Section 11.10, Subdivision 2 thereof, as fully as if set <br /> forth herein. In addition the R-1 Zoning Districts thus established and/or any <br /> subsequent changes to the same which shall be made and established in a similar <br /> manner, shall be reflected in the official zoning map of the City as provided in <br /> Section 11.11 of this Chapter. <br /> Subdivision 3. Permitted Uses <br /> The following uses and no other shall be permitted in the R-1 Zoning Districts: <br /> A. Single-family dwellings. <br /> B. When the property owner resides on the premises, rental of single sleeping <br /> rooms to not more than two (2) people for lodging purposes only. <br /> C. Residential facilities serving six (6) or fewer persons. <br /> D. Manufactured homes, as defined in this Chapter. <br /> E. Foster family homes. <br /> F. Essential Services - Class I <br /> Subdivision 4. Accessory Uses <br /> The following accessory uses and no other shall be permitted in the R-1 Zoning <br /> Districts: <br /> A. Accessory structures, including private garages, as defined in this Chapter. <br /> 1. Accessory structures less than one hundred twenty (120) square feet in <br /> area require a Zoning Permit issued by the City Manager or his/her <br /> designee. The fee for the Zoning Permit is established by the City Council. <br /> The purpose of the Zoning Permit is to insure that accessory structures <br /> are located in a conforming location on the lot. (See Subdivision 11.) <br /> B. Home occupations, as regulated by this Section. <br /> Golden Valley City Code Page 1 of 12 <br />